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The XPAND Podcast

Nov 26, 2019

Paul Tokgozoglu is the host for the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast. We discuss many different facets of what consciousness may be and stretch our beings into new forms of function. Is consciousness transitioning into oneness? Can we turn the most mundane practices into deep meditations?

Paul Tokgozoglu

Nov 19, 2019

This episode is DENSE. This episode is hard to digest, full of deep discussion, intricate threads, and a WHOLE LOT OF GROWTH. Jerry Catt was one of my favorite Communication Professors in College and there are never any territories off limit for our discussion. He helps me grow, expand, ponder, perceive, and question my...

Nov 12, 2019

How do we become more mindful? What kind of nutrients do our body vessels feed The Divine? How do we help the healthy cellular division and evolution of our beings? Shyla Ray is an absolutely beautiful human being on the path of deeper discovery. The depth of her practice truly shows through her behavior, through her...

Nov 6, 2019

Jacob Butcher and I started The XPAND Podcast one year ago and this is our first episode recorded and released during our second year of operation. We go over some of the lessons we have learned, what we are working on, and genuinely share our journey through this process. We are profoundly grateful for everyone who has...